Understanding Aged Care

The Costs of Aged Care

At Premier Health Care we understand that moving into aged care can be a daunting process. Our staff are trained to assist you to understand the admissions process and to ensure your transition from retirement living is as smooth as possible.

As Premier Health Care’s facilities are Commonwealth funded, the costs of entering a home are determined by the Department of Health, and will vary according to your income and assets, and care requirements.

Centrelink will assist you to work out which fees apply to you via an Income and Assets Assessment. See our Helpful Links page for a link to this Assessment.

Fee Overview

There are three main fees you may be required to pay:

Daily Care Fee

This fee is set by the Government and covers the daily services provided by the home. The maximum daily fee is 85% of the single basic age pension. For some people, this is the only fee you may be required to pay.

Means Tested Care Fee

This fee is a contribution to the costs of your care. This is set by the Government. This fee will be determined by Centrelink based on your assessable income and assets.

Accommodation Fee

This is the amount set by the home for the cost of the room. You may have your accommodation costs met in full or in part by the Government.

Permanent residents may pay a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) upon admission, or a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), or a combination of each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter a Premier Health Care Aged Care Facility?

Any person that has a current Aged Care Assessment is eligible to enter one of our homes. An Aged Care Assessment is provided free of charge by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Click here to locate a team near you. [https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/service-finder/assessment-team]


How do I apply for a place at a Premier Health Care home?

You can call the home directly and speak to an Admissions Officer, or call our Head office on (08) 8363 4888.


What levels of care are offered?

Premier Health Care offers a range of care from low level respite and permanent care to higher level care, assisting those with memory or cognitive deficits, in addition to palliative care. All our homes have 24-hour registered nurse coverage.


Are Premier Health Care Facilities accredited?

Yes. All our homes are subject to audits and accreditation by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, an independent body.


Can my own doctor still visit me?

Yes. While all of our homes have regular visiting doctors, as well as other allied health professionals, your own doctor is welcome to visit you, if that is your preference.


Do you cater for couples?

Most of our homes have inter-connecting rooms or companion rooms. Where a couple opts for an inter-connecting room, some may choose to use one room as a bedroom and the second room as a lounge room.


Can family and friends visit?

We encourage family and friends to visit you. We invite guests to use our many shared spaces or join you for morning teas, special events, or functions in our private functions room. Tea and coffee facilities are available, and guests may stay for a meal, for a small fee.


Are your nursing and care staff qualified?

Yes. All our nursing staff and care staff are fully qualified. To hear about the training and experience required to be part of the clinical or hospitality teams, please speak to our Facility’s Residential Services Manager.


Do I have to do my own laundry?

No, all of our homes have on-site laundries. We will take care of all your bedding, and general laundry requirements.


Are all meals included?

Yes. We provide you with breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea, as well as supper, each day. Meals are served in the dining room and are freshly prepared by our on-site chefs. We have a rotating Summer and Winter menu, with choices available each day, to suit your tastes and preferences.


Can I go home for short-stays?

Yes. You have 52 social leave days per year, for you to go home, or take short holidays.

Helpful Links

All persons entering aged care require a free Aged Care Assessment from the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). To find our who your local team is, visit: https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/service-finder/assessment-team

For more information on entering Aged Care, visit: https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/

To complete a Centrelink Assets & Income Assessment, visit: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/forms/sa457